Programs & Projects

SBS / IF Cure Endowment


Our mission is to provide seed grants for research to bring new treatments and cures to our Short Bowel Syndrome / Intestinal Failure community. Of the 7,000+ rare diseases discovered, only 5% of those have a viable treatment or cure.

The rare SBS/IF diagnosis can stem from many underlying causes like Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Gastroparesis, Pseudo-Obstruction, NEC, Hirschprung’s, Scleroderma, cancer, radiation enteritis, surgical trauma, accidents and more. Because of the many paths to Short Bowel Syndrome / Intestinal Failure, new treatments and cures can be as varied and complex as the underlying diagnoses, so, for our diverse community, getting research started can often be the bigger challenge.

Therefore, along with connecting our community to create a strong voice, we need your help in building our endowment in order to provide ongoing seed-grants to start promising research.


Travel Grant Program


We want our SBS / IF community to be up to date on the latest research and happenings in the SBS / IF treatment landscape, which is why we provide financial support to attend educational conferences, workshops, and specialty care.

Education & Outreach

Our goal is to be a resource for the community of SBS / IF patients and professionals. As a complimentary source to the several strong organizations in the SBS / IF space focused on patient support and professional development, our aim is to keep the community informed on progress toward new treatment options and cures.


Our most recent work: We partnered with Empire Biotechnologies by providing patient input to help them better understand our community for their upcoming SBS / IF drug slated for clinical trials in 2019. Our goal is to help our partners create the best possible pharmaceutical solutions for our SBS / IF community.